Artistic Self-Conflict

This week I would like to talk about the artistic self-conflict I have found on my path the last week. I am also not sure if artistic self-conflict is actually a thing, but it is the name I’m giving it as it seems fitting.

Overall the week was very productive. I finished multiple personal pieces which were used in the posts and even one to enter the Huion Vision Competition. So that was the upside of the week but the artistic self-conflict was as follows.

Firstly, I set out this new path to develop this new minimalistic Japanese/Chinese art style which is going good, but it feels too comic style at times. For instance, the Zen Temple Of Dreams felt a bit more comic style than The Marching Ant.

I like both sides though but I still feel that both are lacking in some way. So I decided to try and communicate a bit more emotion with the lines which resulted in the feature image which was a re-draw of an older sketch I did of Vegeta.

Now the question still remains if this was a successful experiment or a failed attempt?

If you as an artist have every had any artistic self-conflict throughout your artistic journey, share it with us in the comments below. You never know, maybe someone is having the same issue that you overcame and you might help them to get past their own struggles.

Artworks Of The Week

Three Crosses On A Hill
The Marching Ant
Huion Vision Version - Zen Temple Of Dreams
Huion Vision Version – Zen Temple Of Dreams

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