Marching Ants In Photoshop

The Marching Ant

Have you ever worked with selections in photoshop and saw all the running? If so have you ever wanted to still have the selection but not see the running ants so that you can work in peace and only focus on you drawing or edit?

Well, I’ve got some news for you. This can be done super easily and this is how.

Hide Your Marching Ants

All you need to do is make the selection you want to make and hit CTRL + H to hide the marching ants. The selection is still active so you can only work within the selection you made.

To bring back the marching ants just hit CTRL + H again and they’ll be back.

If it happens that you forget about a selection and start painting but nothing is happening on your canvas just hit CTRL + D to remove all selections then you should be up and running again.

I know this is a very short Tips Tuesday, but this is a quick and easy tip that can help a lot, as the marching ants can sometimes be very distracting.

That’s it for this week’s Tips Tuesday and I’m looking forward to the next one. Here is also a preview of the final image of The Marching Ant.

The Marching Ant
The Marching Ant

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