Rough Week & Happy Accidents


Three Crosses On A Hill
Three Crosses On A Hill

Okay, this week was supposed to be my week 2 of Proko’s Figure Drawing Course, but last week was extremely rough and nothing happened as planned.

I did happen to stumble across a happy accident though, so let’s jump into today’s post.

This Is What Happened…

I was feeling quite bummed out because I didn’t get to my Proko lessons in the evenings this week due to getting home later than usual after work.

Tuesday was my girlfriends birthday so we went out which also lead to no drawing but there I’m not complaining. Then I got behind with the How-To Friday post and spent time on that, which at least went out, but I still haven’t done any drawing which started to become a problem.


So, Saturday we went on a horseback riding thing, which was my first time, as a birthday gift for my girlfriend. It was great but not easy at all.

We then went home picked up the dogs as we planned to visit my aunt and I decide to take my tablet and laptop with so that I can get some drawing done.

We started talking and without realizing it the time ran out, so we decided to go to their church the next morning, as my uncle is the pastor.

Now, remember by this time I had still not touch my tablet…


So, the Sunday morning we went to church and while he spoke I got this great image in my head of three crosses on a hill, which you see quite often, but I then knew I had to draw it, so we got home and I got the tablet out and realized I forgot the stylus…


We went back to our place and the image still burned in my mind so I set everything up and decided not to try and rush the week 2 of figure drawing, as I want to do it properly. I then started drawing and about an hour and forty minutes went by and I finally finished the painting and this is how the final piece looks like.

Three Crosses On A Hill Complete
Three Crosses On A Hill Complete

The Happy Accident

I realized that inspiration can hit you at any given moment in life and everything works out in the end.

So if you happened to stumble across a happy accident and acted on it, share it on Instagram and tag me @geekzenguru and include the hashtag #HappyAccidentArt.


I would love to see what came out of it.

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